CI introduces CISync platform with new features

CI introduces CISync platform with new features

By Jazzminn Morecraft

The online community for information about clubs and organizations, known as CISync, has switched to a new platform and as a result many new features are available to students. The vendor that CI has been working with, known as Campus Labs, had a product called Org Sync, which is the platform CISync originally used.

“Campus Labs has partnered and acquired another software management company that works with student org management and they together developed a new platform called Engage” said Russell Winans, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Involvement.

Besides the obvious new look that has come with Engage, there are other new features that students are able to utilize now. First, clubs and organizations are able to promote events better than they were before. This new platform syncs with an app, that is available on smartphones, called Corq. This app pulls all information from events and organizations so that it is accessible anywhere. Furthermore, you are able to filter what events and organizations show up by selecting different categories in the filter tab.

Another feature new to this platform  is the co-curricular transcript. To access the co-curricular transcript just click on the user name in the top right corner of CISync, it will be shown in the menu that pops up. Additionally, any information within the report has the option of being shown or hidden so that students are able to choose what they want to focus on when utilizing the report.

“The co-curricular transcript pulls information about your memberships, your experiences, if you attended an event, as well as any service hours” said Winans.

Not only can individuals use reports like this, but clubs and organizations are also able to run internal reports and look at what they are doing as a club as a whole. Clubs and organizations can also hold elections and keep track of their rosters using the new platform.

“A lot of students are really busy and have a lot of different things going on,” said Winans. “It is a way for them to easily find out what events are going on with relation to student organizations and it is a great way for them to manage their organizations and really connect their student learning experience to a transcript and resume.” says Winans.

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