Get involved on campus through clubs and organizations from Orientation 2018

Get involved on campus through clubs and organizations from Orientation 2018

By Jorge Garcia

The CI community includes students with a great diversity of culture, intellectuality and physical ability. Therefore, the University offers the opportunity for students to put these virtues in practice through clubs and organizations.

There are a variety of academic clubs and organizations that students can join to meet people and enjoy their activities of interest outside of the classroom. For example, the English Club provides students an opportunity to share their own literature pieces such as poetry and narrative stories, through writing and oral expression. There are also academic clubs for communication, performing arts, sociology, psychology and many other majors.

Furthermore, CI provides the opportunity to practice sports such as sailing, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, endurance training and many more. These sports are a great opportunity for students to learn about teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship and express the spirit of competitiveness.

As many of the sports clubs are competition-based, they allow students to travel with the team to show their pride. Students can experience the feeling of a road trip and see new places both across the state of California and outside of California. CI also offers students the ability to compete internally in intramural sports.

In addition, the University offers clubs for students with different social and cultural backgrounds as well as the opportunity to join with students to support and organize as a way to express themselves.

CI’s social and cultural clubs include Improving Dreams Equality, Access and Success (IDEAS), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (MEChA), Spectrum, Adelante Mujer, CI College Democrats, CI College Republicans and many more.

The University also offers student organizations affiliated with the Associated Students Incorporated entities to practice leadership and informing students on campus, such as Student Government, The Nautical yearbook, Student Programming Board and The CI View.

Lastly, CI is home to one fraternity and several sororities, which allow members to form a union with each other to involve students in activities that often involve volunteer work.

Joining clubs and organizations helps students to connect with the school and the community to enrich the social environment, diversity and culture. Most importantly, it helps them to build social skills and find networking opportunities for their future lives.

If you are interested in joining a club or organization, go to CISync from your myCI page to find the organization you would like to join.

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