Get more holla for your dolphin dolla

Get more holla for your dolphin dolla

By Naomi Santana

The Cove bookstore now allows students to pay with dolphin dollars. This system was integrated into the bookstore at start of this semester.

Dolphin dollars is “money that can be put on your campus card and can be used for any retail place that accepts them, said Kathy Willmont, store manager of the Cove Bookstore.

Dolphin dollars is money that students or their parents can put on their student card to be used like a debit card. Dolphin dollars should not to be confused with flex cash as they are different.

“Flex cash is money for students living on campus and is only good for use at all campus eateries,” said Willmont.

Like dolphin dollars, flex cash is added to students’ ID cards by the student or by their parents.  Dolphin dollars can be used to print out copies at the library and to pay for food at the Freudian Sip, Islands Cafe, Tortillas Grill, all other eateries on campus—and now at the Cove.

Dolphin dollars can be used on anything at the bookstore, from textbooks to scantrons and apparel. The Information Technology department (IT) helped the bookstore while they were preparing the system and making sure that the proper security was being used. The IT department worked with the company follett and also Elaine Crandall, Associate Vice President Administration.

The use of dolphin dollars at the bookstore is important to students because it can help them pay for their materials with their ID card if they forget their wallet.

“If students forget to bring their cash, debit or credit card, they can pay with their campus card and use their dolphin dollars,” said Willmont.

Students may receive more information on dolphin dollars and how to put money on their cards by visiting

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