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Even though the summer season has ended, it’s important to remember that the ocean is always going to be producing waves! Last month, the State legislators of California and Governor Jerry Brown signged a law making surfing the official sport of California, bringing more attention to the sport a majority of students have grown up with.

This summer, CSUCI was ranked 6th overall for surfers across the nation by College Magazine, a national college guide and quarterly magazine edited by students. Luckily for CSUCI students who want to get into the water more, or just want to learn more about surfing, they are able to join the Surfers club!

For our club, this year’s overall goal is to create more beach days for our fellow CI classmates where every student can come together and hang out at the beach,” said Claire Loughlin, President of the Surf Club. “Our competitive goal this year is to place top 5 in each contest and an overall rank of top 5 at the end of the season in June.”

Loughlin also discussed what it means now that California finally has made surfing it’s state sport. She hopes that more students will choose CI as a University because of the location of campus right next to the ocean, where there are many beautiful beaches and places to catch a wave or two.

“Surfing is a progressive sport and gets bigger and better each year,” said Loughlin.

With the previous success, and now being officially the new state sport of California, the Surf Club is hoping that more students take the time to go out and check out their club.

“Many students believe that this club is only for surfers, whether you rip or haven’t even seen the ocean before, ALL students are welcome,” said Loughlin. “Feel free to support us at any events. All CI students are welcome to our beach days.”

If you are looking for information on the Surf Club, follow them on Instagram @cisurfclub.

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