Green Generation strives to make CI more sustainable

by Marjorie Huot

Sustainability and reducing waste have been topics that have been making waves in the news for the past couple of years. New laws and policies have taken place in order to take care of our planet’s resources. We can thank the Green Generation Club for their previous accomplishments on campus such as the plastic straw ban and the battery tube in the library. These projects were led by the club’s president, Kyle Ball, a senior environmental science & resource management major.

When Ball joined CI’s Green Generation Club, he used it as a resource to make a difference on campus. “I proposed this battery tube and (the school and club) actually listened to me! I had a lot of research done and they put the battery tube in the library for us,” said Ball. “I was like, ‘Wow, we can make real changes.’”

This influenced Ball to take on the responsibility of becoming the president of Green Generation. Ball spoke about his experience in the military as inspiration for his interest in environmental science. “I had a lot of hazardous waste experience in the Coast Guard, and I was like ‘How do I give back to my school?’”

Ball said, “If you can align passion with your resume, you’re going to produce your best effort.” His initiative for change and his leadership skills have made him interested in becoming an influence and a resource that can help fellow students’ goals and ideas gain recognition. “My goal is to grab (the attention of) people on campus (and teach them) how law and policies and sustainability works on campus.” He also mentioned that next semester he wants to take these ideas from campus and expand on them off campus into the local communities. “This is the best place to practice and be involved,” said Ball.

Green Generation takes pride in providing students with a way of getting their voices and ideas heard. Ball understands that anything is possible but executing these ideas can be tricky. “You can have 99 bad ideas, but one will be good,” said Ball. “Not every idea will pan out.”

In order to get more students to attend and participate in member meetings, Ball decided that he wanted to create an alliance between the other environmental clubs on campus. Green Generation Club meetings are intertwined with CI’s Surfrider Foundation Club on Monday nights at 6 p.m. located on South Quad. Ball understands that since CI is a commuter campus, he wanted to make sure that club meetings lasted about 20 minutes and followed them with fun team building activities. “We try to mix community engagement and fun,’’ said Ball.

The club events include hiking, camping and beach cleanups. More recent club events that occurred included the climate strike and a camping trip to the Point Mugu U.S. Navy base. Green Generation is also trying to plan an on-campus community garden, as well as, having a way for students to contact the custodians on campus when trash cans are full.

 If students want more information on the Green Generation Club, they can follow them on Instagram @greengenerationcsuci for further updates on when and where any upcoming club meetings or events will occur.

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