Housing gives students a voice

By Andrew Doran

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is one of the most important student led organizations at CI. RHA is responsible for a lot of different things: listening to the on-campus students voice, putting on events for students and representing CI at a regional and national level. In the end though, they are hyper-focused on listening to the voices of the residents of CI.

“We want students to feel comfortable on campus, especially the freshman and transfer students because we need to make this their second home,” said RHA president, Mackenzie Beaty. “We want students to feel like they can express themselves and feel like they can be themselves.”

RHA meet every other week at the Anacapa Commons in order to discuss the issues and ideas of students that live in on-campus housing. There is a representative from each floor and a total of 37 members. Each meeting they go over what is happening in the residence halls and if there are any ideas on what can be improved. They added bike racks and a surfboard room because they heard from some students that they didn’t have room to store those items in their rooms. RHA has also been able to work with landscape workers to cut down noise after students complained about it being too loud during the day.

RHA also throws different events during the course of the year. They host a welcome back week, spring gala and family week. A majority of the time they host these events on their own, but sometimes they will collaborate with other organizations on campus like the Student Programing Board, to get an event off the ground. In November, they are going to be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner the week before Thanksgiving.

“We want students who can’t go home to have some sense of home for Thanksgiving” said Beaty.

RHA will also be holding a “Donut Be Stressed” event during finals week for students on campus. It’s something small, but can go a long way to making students feel better during finals week.

Even with all the events and meetings, RHA has one single focus for the student body in housing.

“We let them have a voice and we are their security”, said Beaty. “We want everyone to feel connected with one another.”

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