Important notice, attention CI campus!

Important notice, attention CI campus!

Attention: CI Campus

The CI View would like to make a retraction on information that was printed in our September 2017 issue. In this issue, published on September 26, 2017, there is incorrect information presented in the “Domestic Violence Awareness: Resources for Survivors” article.

The article states, under the Title IX section, that: “If a victim does not wish for an investigation, then they will not be forced to do so upon reporting. It is always the victim’s decision if they want to have an investigation started.”

The information that was published is incorrect. According to CSU Executive Order 1097:

“In cases where the Complainant does not want to pursue an investigation, the DHR Administrator/Title IX Coordinator should inform the Complainant that the ability to take corrective action may be limited. The Campus may determine that circumstances warrant initiating an investigation even if a Complaint has not been filed and independent of the intent or wishes of the Complainant. In cases involving Sexual Misconduct, Dating or Domestic Violence, or Stalking, when determining whether to go forward with an investigation, the Title IX Coordinator should consider the seriousness of the allegation(s), the age of the Complainant, whether there have been other Complaints against the Respondent, and the risk to the Campus community if the Respondent’s alleged conduct remains unaddressed. These determinations will be documented in writing by the DHR Administrator/ Title IX Coordinator, and maintained in accordance with systemwide records retention policies.”

The CI View would like to apologize for this mistake. Moving forward, our entity will implement additional processes in fact checking and editorial review to help prevent this type of error from happening in the future. The CI View is dedicated to bringing factual news to everyone on our campus and makes all attempts to be as transparent as possible in all situations. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at

Thank you,

Jazzminn Morecraft

Ivey Mellem
Managing Editor

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