Kilusan Pilipino brings awareness

Kilusan Pilipino brings awareness

By Naomi Santana

The Kilusan Filipino club started in the spring of 2010 and promotes Filipino culture and multicultural perspectives. “The club educates, informs and helps members network while showcasing culture, traditions and history,” said Jasmine Hope Kaiklian, the president of the club. “Kilusan means movement and the goal for starting this club was to create a movement to bring awareness to the Filipino culture and to everyone.”

Kilusan Filipino has a total of 13 board positions to ensure the promotion of Filipino culture in the community, school and county. Kaiklian stated that among these positions, there is a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian. They also have other positions such as Friendship Games Coordinator, External Liaison, Sports Coordinator, Cultural Coordinator, Events Coordinator and Community Service Coordinator. There are currently over 51 active members and over 100 active alumni as well as two active advisors.

Kilusan Pilipino is a multicultural club and they try as much as possible to collaborate with other clubs and organizations on campus. They also hold events to bring the community together and to promote Filipino culture. The club tries to contribute their community service and to collaborate in on­ campus opportunities as much as possible.

The events Kilusan Filipino hold include Pilipino Cultural Night. The event is a culture show produced by students and teaches members traditional dances and they are a part of a play that celebrates the Filipino­ American culture. If you are interested in participating in this event make sure to mark your calendars for April 27. The club is also in the process of organizing a new event called the “Dolphin Games”. The idea is to have all clubs and organizations to come together and play picnic style games. And is expected to take place on April 6.

Of course, you don’t have to be Filipino to join the club. “Kilusan Filipino is a club for everyone who wants to learn more about the beauty within the Filipino culture as well as other cultures.” Anyone interested in joining Kilusan Pilipino can join through CISync and can attend meetings every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in Sierra Hall 1411.

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