Contaminated water hits Town Center

By Andrew Doran

On Feb. 26, CI students that live in Town Center Building B were issued a notice that they should not be drinking or using the water coming out of the taps. Cindy Derrico, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Housing Residential Education and Associated Students Inc., wrote to students via email to say that CI had done testing on the water around the University Glen locations. During that testing, there was a positive result of total coliform, a bacterium that can carry E. coli.

“After consulting with the California State Water Quality Control Board, and out of an abundance of caution, the University is issuing the following Boil Water Notice to all residents of Town Center Bldg. B,” wrote Derrico.

All residents in Town Center Building B have been told to boil all their water for a minute in order to stay safe. In addition to the boil notice, CI has been offering residents at least one gallon of bottled water per day per resident. In addition to the bottled water, CI offered residence unscented bleach, buckets and hand sanitizer. As of Thursday, Feb. 28, the situation was still not fixed. CSUCI Environment, Health & Safety office said that testing was still on­ going, but no clean results had come back. They are still hoping that the situation will clear itself up in the early part of March.

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