Lavender Stoling

By Alex Guerra

The Multicultural Dream Center (MDC) strives to help students feel more included and accepted in their community, providing students with the means to meet new faces and engage with others.

The MDC has provided the LGBTQ+ community with various resources and events to help them navigate the school year. The Lavender Stoling event is an opportunity to celebrate those who have helped and continually pushed them to do better and be true to themselves.

The event is open to anyone and costs $25. In addition, the celebration will allow students to bring as many guests as they desire. Anyone looking to join and be a part of this event will need to fill out an online survey with the people they want to be recognized, as well as why they feel these are the right people.

With this ceremony, students will be able to recognize those who have helped them throughout their lives and their academic year, and be able to learn and understand how their lives have changed and how they have grown as individuals. If students have any questions they should contact Natalie Johnson for further information. The money will be due by April 23, and the Lavender Stoling will take place on Wednesday, May 15 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the Petit Salon.

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