Making waves with Surfrider Foundation

Making waves with Surfrider Foundation

by Naomi Santana

Are you curious about how to help keep the environment and the oceans clean? If so, then CI’s Surfrider Foundation Club is perfect for you.

The Surfrider Foundation Club strives to bring awareness to students and the community about the environment. The purpose of the club is to address pollution and make the campus more sustainable.

“The Surfrider Foundation Club is the only college club in Ventura County that is part of the Surfrider Foundation, which is an international nonprofit grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through power network of activism,” said Cassandra Rogers, president of the Surfrider Foundation Club.

Rogers said that the name of the organization emerged when a few surfers got together at Surfrider, a beach in Malibu, to clean the beach and bring awareness to the community. The Surfrider Foundation Club at CI has been around for about five years. “I transferred to CI. It is my third year here and the club was already established. I can’t really say when it started, but I want to say about five years ago,” said Rogers.

According to Rogers, they host many events and try to collaborate with other clubs on campus such as the Green Generation Club. “Besides the Green Generation Club, we will be working with CI Audubon Club on restoration and beach cleanups at Ormond Beach.”

The Surfrider Foundation Club co-hosts their meetings with the Green Generation Club. “Green Generation Club does more on-campus events and we do off-campus events. At our meetings, we are trying to propose and lead campaigns to ban single-use plastics.” Both clubs have the same goal of spreading awareness and leading campaigns for more sustainable practices for the campus and community. They want to invite as many clubs as possible to their events.

The Surfrider Foundation Club has many more goals and developments for the future. One of the goals they are striving for is to establish monthly beach cleanups the second Saturday of every month either at Ormond Beach or Surfers Knoll at Ventura Harbor. They are also trying to work with other nonprofit organizations in the community that care about the environment. Lastly, they are trying to be more inclusive with their representation in the club.

Of course you don’t have to be a surfer or have experience to join the club. “Anyone can join the club. If you are someone who enjoys the beach, likes spending time outdoors and cares about the environment, then you are welcome to join,” said Rogers.

Rogers also mentioned that becoming involved with the club is a great opportunity to learn about the local beaches and the community. It also helps you learn about topics ranging from politics to ecology and you can meet new people and network. Rogers said that “surfriders” try not to be too involved with politics, but there are times when it is necessary for them to discuss political topics.

They are currently trying to get a lot of members that can help improve the community and provide support for the coastline. If you are interested in joining the Surfrider Foundation Club, you can join through CISync or by attending a meeting. Meetings are held twice a month on Mondays at 6 p.m. in the South Quad outside of the Islands Café. You can also follow them on Instagram @csuci_surfriderfoundation.

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