Up-lift-ing news

Up-lift-ing news

by Matthew Wong

It should not come as any surprise that CI has a recreational facility.  However, if for one reason or another students did not know of CI’s fitness center, it is located on the southwestern side of the campus in Arroyo Hall.  Students will be able to find a gym and a basketball court, in addition to other fitness equipment. As of this semester, the gym has been renovated. 

In semesters past, the equipment available to students was, admittedly, a tad on the older side.  However, this fall the University bought new fresh gym machines.  

There were a number of reasons to renovate the gym—the age of the gym equipment being a large concern amongst the gym staff. “Well, we had really old equipment,” said Noel DeVerges, a fifth-year preforming arts major. “Our equipment hasn’t been updated since our school opened in 2002. We also had really old flooring. The flooring in there used to be wood underneath the carpet so a lot of students weren’t allowed to drop their weights because if they did that then we’d have new holes in the floor.”

In addition to removing the old flooring, the new gym had rubber flooring laid down so that holes wouldn’t be made when weightlifters dropped their weights.  The gym still asks its users not to drop weights—for safety reasons.

“We have all new equipment, too.  It’s all updated,” said DeVerges.

The renovation project did not actually take that long, only a few weeks. “We started the beginning of August and finished before school started,” said DeVerges.

The CI Recreation Center encourages all students to partake of what the new gymnasium has to offer.  “We’ve got a lot of really great stuff,” said DeVerges. Not only will students be able to access the aforementioned weight-training room and basketball court, but they will also be able to take advantage of several classes the Recreation Center has to offer. The Recreation Center provides a variety of fitness classes, including Zumba, cardio kickboxing and yoga. The Recreation Center also offers personal training services for students if they are interested. It’s open on Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.–11 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m.–9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from noon–10 p.m.

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