Second-Day Lead

Second-Day Lead
by Jazzminn Morecraft

New York Times Bestselling Author Kelly Corrigan will still be visiting CI on September 27. Before her passing, Rachel Huff was the key component to getting Corrigan here as Corrigan and Huff were friends. Huff was also responsible for other projects including Active Shooter training, R.A.D. and Coffee with the Cops, all of which are still moving forward with the help of Huff’s student assistant and other members from the police department.

Additionally, for the past year Robyn Shea has been the Acting Director of the Santa Rosa Island Research Station. Previously this title belonged to Cause Hanna, who passed away in late August of this year. Projects initiated by Hanna continue without him, some of which Shea has taken the lead on. The Santa Rosa Island Research Station also remains very active with groups from CI working at the station.

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