Website wonders

Website wonders

The myCI portal is the cornerstone of every successful student attending CI. The services and convenience it provides are some of the best tools a student can use to thrive in a scholastic environment and beyond.

Recently, a new addition to the plethora of services offered by CI has made an appearance. Introducing CI Keys! This service enables students to start websites of their own, build their online personality, establish a portfolio and ultimately publicize themselves in a positive way.

According to the website, CI Keys offers the three best tools and skills anyone could have when taking their first steps into a professional world: web literacy, digital identity and ownership of your intellectual property. Furthermore, the website serves as a valuable learning experience to users who don’t know how to start a website from scratch.

Taking a deeper dive into the site there are many tools to help the user figure out what is needed. At the same time, it is neatly organized not only by category, but logically from start to finish. There are also helpful definitions to familiarize students with the different features and tools offered to users both new and experienced. The Dashboard of CI keys comes with behind-the-scenes tools to repair your website in case anything goes awry.

This exhaustive list of applications, ranging from content management to e-commerce and business, are meant to accommodate the needs of students that either need to head into the job market or help start up their own entrepreneurial endeavors. This service is an invaluable tool and should not be ignored.

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