Goodbye Letter from the Editor

Goodbye Letter from the Editor

By Jazzminn Morecraft 

Take a breath, Dolphins. The finish line is near. We are at the point in the semester where everyone is preparing for and completing final projects, assignments and tests, and while the stress varies for each individual, it is higher around these next two weeks.  

So, I want each of you to take a moment and think back on the last academic year. Think about how this year has been completely different. And now, think about the resilience each and every one of you has. You have all persevered in a time that has been (sometimes) overwhelmingly hard.  

For the students who have started their college career this academic year, I can only imagine that this is not what you thought your first year would be like,—unable to make those memories that you have heard about from others. However, I want to encourage you to keep your head up! Better times are coming, and if you can make it through starting school in a worldwide pandemic, you can make it through anything! 

For the students who have continued their education despite the pandemic, your drive shows. Finding new ways to learn and gain that knowledge only demonstrates how adaptable you are. You have an idea what college should feel like for you, and I am sure, like myself, you are missing the social aspect of this journey. Again, I repeat, better times are coming and if you can make it through a worldwide pandemic, you can make it through anything! 

For the students who are graduating, I can imagine what you are feeling. As a graduating individual myself, I feel the loss that was this past academic year. The ceremonies that were unable to be had, the memories that were unable to be made and the overall different picture that this year ended up being. Yet, you all have shown such grace and strength as you have moved ahead to the finish line. Celebrate all your accomplishments in the ways that you can and know that, like others, I am so proud of each and every one of you.  

Lastly, as this academic year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve as The CI View’s Editor-in-Chief for these past four years. It has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of the process of informing our CI community. I enjoyed the conversations that I have had with so many different individuals and the stories that I have got to tell. Serving you all has been a highlight in my college career and something that I will not forget.  

As I part from CI and my role, I leave this piece of advice for you all: Take the risks and the opportunities. We never know when things will change or what good could happen from doing so, and you do not want to look back at your time at college and ask yourself, “what if?”  

Enjoy your summer break, Dolphins! We did it!  

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