“IT Chapter Two” is well worth the scare

“IT Chapter Two” is well worth the scare

by Courtney Doucette

“IT Chapter Two” was finally released on Sept. 6, for all you thriller movie fans. The movie takes place 27 years after the Losers’ Club attempted defeating Pennywise. Now that they are all adults, they have returned to the town of Derry to take down the evil clown for good. Their return brings back many emotions and memories that none of them had thought about in many years. Each of the Losers battles with their own problems throughout the movie, making the audience build a strong connection with each character.

“IT Chapter Two” was captivating, terrifying and perfectly done. The movie’s director Andres Muschietti does a phenomenal job bringing the movie to life in each scene and thrilling viewers with classic as well as innovative horror elements. The acting in the movie was realistic which made for excellent character chemistry. The casting for the movie was done so well, that it was as if the future versions of the child actors from “IT” came back in time and starred in the sequel movie.

Once again, actor Bill Skarsgård blew audiences away in his role as Pennywise. In a YouTube interview video with Entertainment Tonight, Skarsgård explained how he put his own characteristics into his terrifying portrayal of Pennywise from Steven King’s “IT”. The way Pennywise moves his eyes in different directions and protrudes his bottom lip out is not computer-generated; Skarsgård is doing it on his own.

The length of the movie is a bit risky, being two hours and 50 minutes; however, it had me on the edge of my seat through it all and didn’t bore me once. The movie also has some comedic relief which takes the edge off the suspense.

Horror movie fans should make it a priority to go and see this movie. All of its elements of fright and horror, as well as some comedy make it worth seeing, for sure. So, join in and “float too”, as Georgie would say.

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