Cashin’ out on summer jobs

Cashin’ out on summer jobs
by Lizbeth Galeno

“I could really use some more money.” This familiar quote is said by many college students with debt, and it only grows stronger as the days grow warmer. Whether it be expensive textbook fees or a shopping spree treat after final exams, many students have scarce financial resources to maintain themselves throughout their summer adventures.

“Having a summer job is definitely time consuming, but it is so much better than working during the school semester because you only have so much time, which should be focused on schooling,” Serena Alvarez, a psychology major, said. “Whereas during the summer, any time not working is free time. It’s always you time.”

Of course, not every job will be perfect, but it is always an experience that will help an individual grow.

Luckily, there are always ways to earn money in just about any city. Summer is the grand opportunity for an ideal balance of work and play and it is all within reach. The most popular summer jobs consist of occupations like babysitting, being a camp counselor or working at a local food joint.

For the students of CI, a multitude of options are awaiting right here in Camarillo! Available nearby are retail jobs that include carrying out the role of a sales associate for stores such as Converse, Charlotte Russe and Nike in the Camarillo Premium Outlets.

Other jobs in Camarillo include Kelly Services’ quality inspector, an English as a Second Language teacher for The Language Academy or a Home Care Aide caregiver. It does not stop there, though! It’s 2018 and times have changed. New and improving innovations have allowed work to come to you in the form of apps. Activities like driving for Lyft, selling items on Etsy and dog walking for Wag! makes earning extra summer cash easier than ever before.

Of course, not every job will be perfect, but it is always an experience that will help an individual grow. “Let me just say it was a simple task of being a hostess at a restaurant called Fuji Buffet, but sometimes here and there I would deal with unbelievable customers,” Brenda Briviesca, a psychology major, said. “At the end of the day, though, I really liked the job and made good use of the money.”

Summer belongs to those who take it and do what makes them happy. If that includes having extra cash to spend doing what is loved, then a summer job is the perfect goal for those during warmer days.

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